Welcome to Gold Serums

Gold Serums: The Philosophy of the Brand

Gold serums believes in creating targeted treatments designed to improve the quality and vitality of your complexion, whilst giving an indulgent sense of luxury in the process. 
The luxurious range of treatments are infused with Gold to provide your skin with the illuminating power of 24 carat, along with an extensive collection of specialised active ingredients. 
Pure Gold has been used for a long time to benefit the body dating back to the time of Cleopatra, thanks to its beautifying, age reversing and deeply healing properties. 
In recent times, Gold is regularly used in spa treatments to create an immediate illuminating and glowing effect on the skin. Gold Serums aims to recreate these spa treatments for daily use products that you can use at home. 
Gold Serums products work to boost the skin’s natural glow, encourage a soft, smooth golden tone and stimulate collagen production for a youthful visage. 

Gold Serums: Luxury Ingredients

In the process of creating the treatments, 24 karat gold is dissolved into microscopic particles for easy absorption into the skin to achieve the maximum benefits. An immediate visible illumination can be seen with this method. 
With the absorption of the Gold particles, the skin retains a soft glow that promotes a moisturised, healthy skin, which has made gold-infused skincare a global success.
In addition to this, the Gold works alongside an array of essential oils and vitamins to increase the skins natural collagen production, resulting in maximised moisture retention, and firmer, softer skin. Also you can find some more information about hats and caps of www.hatwoods.com 
Collagen is an essential component to healthy skin and unfortunately becomes less evident through age, allowing the natural aging process to become more prominent. Using Gold Serums can help to reduce the visible effects of aging and increase the appearance of healthy and youthful skin.